Too late, it’s already happened!

Poor old Comic Sans. The clumsy, unloved stepchild. The wobbly-lined, half-witted face-of-fun despised by the cool. Is it that bad? Well yes, but certainly no more than the millions of other hand-drawn ‘fonts’ available and it certainly doesn’t signify the end of civilisation as we know it.

Of course, the ‘Help Prevent A Tragedy’ sign is the wrong message to have appear in Comic Sans, but then any typeface other than a straight-forward, undecorative, basic font would be wrong, nothing fancy, fun or funky, just something serious. The sign looks wrong, not because the sign maker used Comic Sans, but because they didn’t use a solid, straight-down-the-line, functional typeface.

It’s not that difficult to choose a good font for a project, it’s just a little more tricky to choose the perfect font, the one that matches all the criteria for legibility, creativity and all-round appropriateness.

Comic Sans or otherwise, handwritten fonts look a bit naff, nearly always inappropriate and completely rubbish. Don’t use them!