Logo Love #3

According to their website ‘JD Sports is the leading retailer of branded sportswear and fashionwear.’ Which is all lovely. Personally though, I’ve never bought anything from a JD store (being a ‘sensible shoes’ kind of chap). But sure, if the need arose for me to acquire a pair of over-priced plimsolls, it’d be the first place I’d slouch in to.

JD’s brand identity is very nice though – Cool, shiny and very black. Carefullly placed third-party branding, lots of edgy, moody teenagers with fly-away hair, hoodies and flawless skin. And easily one of the best logos in the high street.

I love the simplicity of the two letters and how the graceful curve of the J initial meets the upright of the D. Perhaps the J is an echo of the shape of a running track? I dunno, but I like to think so. It is a fantastic example of ‘less is more’, how something so simple can be unique, elegant and striking all at once. For me, it embodies everything a great logo should be.

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