Watch where you’re going

I like finding inspiration in unexpected places. Things that have not necessarily been ‘designed’, but perhaps originated with little thought to aesthetics, impact, consistency or any of those other tiresome ‘brand values’. Such as these small instances of everyday graphic information from all kinds of pavements, paths and roadways.

All of these examples (and I have a lot more, that’s the kind of fun guy I am) have their own charm and resonate in their own way, mainly because of the materials used in their manufacture, the limitations of their given environment and their overriding functionality.

I like the simple ingenuity of the gas cover manufacturer in duplicating two of the three letters and filling the square space. I love the Suprasteel name that, because of the heavy-duty metal it’s reproduced onto, has a kind of sculpted wobblyness that would make a great logotype. And who doesn’t have a sneaking regard for the ‘it’s-not-kerning-it’s-anti-kerning’ on the CATVGI?

So, keep your head down the next time you’re out and about and take a closer look at the ordinary.

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